What's Up, Frederico with Frederico Morais

Filmed and Directed by Gustavo Imigrante
Featuring Frederico Morais, Nuno Morais, Marina Morais, Tomaz Morais and Richard “Dog” Marsh
Executive Produced by DreamofCourse
Produced by Inês Becken, at if Management and Ana Luís Gravato, at Dinis&Gustavo
Cinematography by Gustavo Imigrante
Color Grading by Dinis Sottomayor
Supervisor Sound Editor & Sound Designer by Tiago Cardoso, Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer by Dinis Henriques
Water Cinematography by Gastão Entrudo
Additional Footage by Diogo Evaristo Silva, Marcelo Dada, Nuno Morais
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